STEM Counseling

Schedule an appointment with MVC’s STEM counselor to:

  • Develop a NOW MANDATORY Student Educational Plan (SEP)
  • Review certificate, Associate degree, and/or transfer requirements
  • Provide graduation and/or transfer checks
  • Complete a Dismissal/Readmit Contract
  • Provide Career Guidance
  • Help with grade related and other academic/course challenges and decisions

Appointments: To schedule a counseling appointment please contact us:

  • By Phone: 951-571-6104
  • Online: You can schedule an appointment online through eSARS (access it now).
  • Home College: To schedule an appointment with MVC’s STEM counselor, your Home College must be Moreno Valley College.

Until further notice there will be no more in-person appointments. Students can schedule appointments  to meet with the counselor over the phone or online via Zoom, a video conferencing app. How to join a Zoom meeting.

Book Your Counseling Appointment Online