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Smart Start STEM Institute

The Moreno Valley College STEM Center is excited to announce their Third Annual Smart Start STEM Institute! The Smart Start STEM Institute consists of two learning communities, one in the summer and one in the fall. In summer students take a Math 35 prep session and a Guidance 45 – Introduction to College course. In the fall, students take Math 35-Intermediate Algebra and a Guidance 48 – College Success Strategies course. The ultimate goal of the program is to prepare students for college courses, like Math 35 – Intermediate Algebra in the fall.

100% of the students that took both the summer and fall Smart Start STEM institutes last year, passed math 35 with a C or better.

During fall, the Guidance 48 course (29130) will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:35 – 10:35 a.m., followed by the Math 35 course (29487), which runs from 1:20 – 3:50 p.m.

View the program flier by clicking on the image to the left or viewing the PDF.

Benefits to completing the summer session:

  • Priority enrollment -In the fall, students will receive “priority” enrollment for Math 35-Intermediate Algebra AND Guidance 48-College Success Strategies.
  • Books will be provided  Not only do students receive priority enrollment for 7 units but we also provide their books! This is over a $360 savings. The books will be provided on a rental basis therefore students will need to return them at the end of fall.
  • Academic Support – Institute participants will be assigned a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader for Math 35. Supplemental Instruction is a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. SI sessions are designed to get students working together to develop strategies to master course content, review material, and prepare for quizzes and tests. The SI Leader is available to ensure that students are on the right track and to offer support and guidance. Students who attend SI sessions sometimes earn an entire letter grade higher compared to their peers who did not attend any SI sessions!

Fall Smart Start STEM Institute recruitment is currently OPEN. Registration for fall 2015 Smart Start courses is OPEN for participants, depending on registration date.

See below for admission requirements.

Steps to Participate

Students must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible to participate:

Once you complete all the steps listed above and you are eligible for math 35 the STEM staff will contact you with further information.

Contact Us

For more information contact the STEM Center at 951-571-6258 or at