STEM Mobile Innovation Center (SMIC)

STEM Mobile Innovation CenterMoreno Valley College’s STEM Innovation Center’s mission is to provide enriched, inquiry-based, experential STEM activities to increase engagement and participation in STEM fields of study and careers.

MVC’s STEM Mobile Innovation Center (SMIC) is designed to create a mobile “learning” lab delivering STEM engagement activities under the direction of Moreno Valley College’s STEM Student SUCCESS Center (SSSC). Created to advance STEM education by providing hands-on, interactive activities and unique STEM experiences, the STEM Mobile Innovation Center will bring STEM education to MVC and its community. As a result, students will experience a high level of exposure and engagement to STEM education.

STEM Mobile Innovation CenterMVC provides access to the STEM Mobile Innovation Center for individual and collaborative groups of learners. STEM activities involve hands-on, multidisciplinary labs and multi-media technologies. Through new and improved supplemental instruction bringing unparalleled STEM experiences, the STEM Mobile Innovation Center provides opportunity to foster STEM diversity through attention to the cultural backgrounds of students and their educational needs.*

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* The STEM Mobile Innovation Center meets ADA access requirements.

The STEM Student Success Center and STEM Mobile Innovation Center is 100% funded through MVC’s U.S. Department of Education’s Title III/STEM grant project.

Activity Disclaimer: Riverside Community College District is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation to all District programs and activities. Accommodations for persons with disabilities may be requested by contacting the program/event organizer, Maureen Rubalcaba at (951) 571-6259 or the office of Diversity, Equity and Compliance at (951) 222-8039.

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