STEM Degrees & Certificates

STEM students are those that are studying in STEM-related science, technology, engineering, and math, fields of study and are planning to transfer to a 4-year institution.

Associate of Science Degrees

  • Computer Applications

    Certificate & Associate of Science (Catalog: MCE726 & MAS726)

  • Computer Programming

    Certificate & Associate of Science (Catalog: MCE728 & MAS728)

  • Dental Hygiene

    Associate of Science (Catalog: MAS724)

  • Math & Science

    Associate of Science (Catalog: MAS493)

STEM students planning to transfer, meet most of the requirements for a Math and Science Associate Degree when they complete the IGETC or CSU GE’s and major requirements. Below is a list of some sample STEM majors for transfer.

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Simulation and Gaming: Game Art

    Certificate & Associate of Science (Catalog: MCE739 & MAS739)

If you are completing your Associate degree and your program also offers a certificate, it is recommended you apply for both the certificate and degree.

Associate Degrees for Transfer

Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) allow students to earn an Associate degree and guaranteed acceptance to participating Cal State Universities.

Associate Degree for Transfer, A Degree with a Guarantee: Learn more about the requirements and benefits of the ADT.

  • Mathematics ADT

    Associate in Science Degree in Mathematics for Transfer (Catalog: IGETC MAS720 & CSUGE MAS719)

  • Computer Science ADT

    Associate in Science for Transfer degree (Catalog: IGETC MAS650)


  • Dental Assisting

    Certificate (Catalog: MCE621)

  • Medical Assisting

    Certificate (Catalog: MCE718)

  • Simulation & Gaming: Game Art

    Certificate (Catalog: MCE739)

  • Web Master – Web Developer

    Certificate (Catalog: MCE820)

  • Web Master – Web Developer

    Certificate (Catalog: MCE843)